Storm Water Plan

Commonly called a "SW3" plan or a "storm water pollution prevention plan". Simply put - it is a plan to mitigate risk concerning the environment (your site).

Title V Air Permitting

Air permitting can be costly. Helping businesses comply with local, state, and federal air emissions is a process that we can help with.

Spill Prevention Plans

SPCC plans (spill prevention control & countermeasure) plans are for facilities that have certain quantities of liquid/oil type materials.

Historical Land Data

Know before you buy property. If you purchase a facility that is a hazard to the environment or human health you could be help liable.

Wetland Delineation

Wetland surveys and permitting can be done to know how many credits to purchase so that you can resume construction on a piece of property.

Endangered Species

Each state has a list of threatened or endangered species that requires business to take precaution when disturbing areas that may have certain wildlife.

Safety Plans

Safety plans are an integral part of any business. We can perform an audit and get a list of the items that could be infractions (potential violations) and help you fix them.

Safe Land Training

Oil companies have a massive concern for the safety of the individuals working for them. We can train clients with PEC/Veriforce material that is authorized/acknowledged by most.

Safe Gulf Training

Just like safe land (but even more stringent) is the safe gulf training. Know and prepare for what could happen offshore in the oil field. PEC/Veriforce material used.

H2S Gas Training

Oil companies may require that you be trained to know what hydrogen sulfide gas is and what to do if you encounter a sour well. PEC/Veriforce material used.

Phase 1 & 2

Phase 1 is to appease your bank/company that you are not getting/selling an impacted property and it clears EDR records. Phase 2 is when we start digging/cleaning up things onsite.

Underground Storage

Underground storage tanks have a whole set of regulations. If you are looking to close a tank out, get a new UST, or need assistance with the paperwork we can help.

Site Assessments

Apex conducts inspections of sites to make a "bucket-list" of items for EHS systems for your site. We have a mobile app to aid us in inspecting facilities and share those items with management.


Oil companies have a massive concern for safety of the individuals working for them. We conduct naturally occurring radioactive material inspections and submit the information to the OGB.

Water Quality Studies

Water quality for cities, businesses etc. We will be with you every step of the way and procure the necessary information for you to move forward.

Haz-Waste Management

Hazardous waste compliance can be cumbersome and we can alleviate the headache of the paperwork situation and store all the necessary information on our servers for you to access.

Online Forms

We can create forms that perform calculations and give information to your employees and customers that can increase your workflow

Online Training

Individual employees can perform skills tests online and get training certificates for items of managements choosing - contact us for info.

Custom Built Mobile Apps

Apex EHS also builds custom apps for your business that can do EHS forms with ease. We can also create forms to streamline your repetitive daily, weekly, monthly, or annual tasks and even set reminders so that you don't forget to do any forms!

Custom Built Websites

We can create beautiful websites with company portal access, synch with your mobile app, forms, and even set up payment systems for your clients to pay you for services.

Drone Services

Apex EHS now can deploy drones for your business needs. We can get volumes for aggregate, get cross sections, use li-dar to know where stormwater is running, and any uses you see fit!

Volumetrics/3-D Scan Tools

Apex EHS can scan piles of aggregate using a li-dar camera to calculate volume. We can also create augmented reality versions of your facility.

Safety Videos

Apex EHS will come to your facility and film specific videos for your site. These videos can be use for new hire training, SOP's, etc.

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