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    Apex offers a variety of services to clients: plans, forms, training, team building sessions, safe land, safe gulf, fit testing, hook inspections, policy and procedures, handbooks, OSHA updates, and so much more!


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Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)

A stormwater plan aims to manage and control the flow of rainwater and minimize the damage caused by stormwater runoff in urban and suburban areas. It includes measures such as drainage systems, green infrastructure, and erosion control to reduce runoff, improve water quality, and protect habitats while complying with regulations.

Spill Prevention, Control, & Countermeasure (SPCC)

An SPCC plan is a plan developed by facilities that handle or store oil to prevent and respond to oil spills. It outlines procedures for spill prevention, preparation, and response, including containment, cleanup, and reporting measures. It is required by the EPA for facilities with certain oil storage capacities and must be reviewed and updated every five years.

Wetland Delineation

Wetland delineation is the process of identifying and mapping the boundaries of wetlands by assessing the presence of hydrology, vegetation, and soil characteristics. It helps with land-use planning and regulatory compliance for protecting wetland resources.

Phase I (ESA)

A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment is a report that evaluates the environmental conditions of a property to identify potential environmental concerns such as hazardous materials, contamination, and liabilities. It is conducted to assist in making informed decisions about property transactions and to comply with environmental regulations.

Underground Storage Tanks

Our staff has been through the underground storage tank orientations and can help guide you to compliance.

Endangered Species

Endangered species survey is a study that assesses potential impacts of a project on endangered species and their habitat, and can inform environmental impact assessments, regulatory compliance, and conservation planning efforts.

Title V Air Permitting

Title V air permitting is the process of obtaining a permit under the Clean Air Act for facilities that emit large amounts of air pollutants. The permit includes specific conditions and requirements for compliance with the law to protect public health and the environment.

Historical Land Data

Historical land data includes information about past land use, hazardous materials or chemicals, previous owners, and legal or regulatory issues related to the property. It helps identify environmental risks and inform due diligence efforts for land use activities.

Hazardous Waste Management

Proper hazardous waste management involves handling, storing, treating, and disposing of hazardous waste in a way that minimizes its impact on the environment and public health, while complying with regulations. Effective management includes categorizing the waste, proper handling and storage, treatment and disposal, and record keeping and reporting.

Water Quality Studies

Collecting samples for lab analysis and determining the best course of action for companies.

NORM Surveys

A NORM survey is an assessment that identifies naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) in an environment. It is conducted to evaluate potential health risks and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements for radiation safety in industries that handle or process materials that may contain these radioactive isotopes. The survey may involve monitoring and remediation efforts if necessary.

Safety Plans

A safety plan is a document that outlines the procedures and protocols to prevent or mitigate risks associated with various activities or situations. Safety plans can cover a range of topics, including emergency response, workplace safety, hazard communication, fire safety, and environmental safety. Safety plans are important for ensuring the safety and well-being of employees, customers, and the general public. They provide clear instructions for preventing accidents and responding to emergencies, and they help organizations comply with regulations and industry standards. Safety plans should be regularly reviewed and updated to reflect changes in operations or regulations, and to ensure that they continue to be effective in managing risks.

Site Assesments

Apex can help determine the risks and potential violations of a site and create an audit list based on the findings to help mitigate future incursions.

*Please check out our PEC/ Veriforce safety courses that we offer in the "Training" tab.

*We also offer production of facility specific safety videos in the "Videography" section.

Environmental Training

Apex provides annual environmental training to clients either in person or online. Topics generally revolve around your state's compliance and federal government guidelines.

H2S Training (PEC/Veriforce)

Oil and gas companies are generally required to do an annual refresher on hydrogen sulfide gas and the dangers that it poses. The class is about 4 hours long..

Safe Land Training (PEC/Veriforce)

This training is accepted by nearly all oil and gas companies to be compliant with their employee training to work in the oil field. This class is 8 hours long.

Safe Gulf Training (PEC/Veriforce)

Essentially an addition to the safe land training that allows for individuals to broaden their safety knowledge while working offshore.

OSHA Safety Training (Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual Refreshers)

With a library of over 230 individual topics we can allow for your employees to learn topics either online or in person.

Weekly Toolbox Talks (FREE)
Once per week there is a safety and environmental toolbox talk accessible for free.
Custom Websites
Domain Procurement

We can look to see if the domain (what you type in the URL of a search bar) is available.


Once you own a domain we can create email addresses for any number of employees you may have - 5 minutes flat.


Based on what you want it to do, we can do most everything. You want to accept payment for the products you are selling? Cool. You want to blog your every waking moment? Sure. You want to showcase what your company does? Nice... Done.

Custom Mobile Apps

Apps? Why?

There is a litany of different ways this could be beneficial to your company or business - all you have to do is tell us how you want it to work (although this can be a challenge all on its own).

Does It Work Offline?

We can program your application to work offline if you commonly work in areas with poor cellular reception.


We can also make the app and website we build "talk" to one another by embedding elements into the code of your website. This allows you to easily do your work and come back into the office to continue working on your PC.

App Store?

Apps can be published on the app stores of your choice. You can either lock them down so that only people you know can log into your app and make it work or make it for the world to access what you are wanting to showcase.


Unlike the websites or email we can create for you: this work could take some time and requires a level of communication that you may not be use to.

Drone Services

Per customer request, we now offer drone flyovers of your site to better evaluate what we do: environmental and safety services; However, the application of this does not have to stop at this juncture. We can do this service for any and all of the above. And if you can think of another reason for us to do this for you please let us know how we can help you.

  • Storm Water Run-Off (Shaded Relief Mapping)
  • Phase I and/or II
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Spills or Releases From a Facility
  • Aerial Mapping for Plans or Just for Fun
  • Volumetrics for Aggregate Materials
  • Safety Videos
  • Security

Per customer request, we now offer on-site safety videos. These videos can be accessible via QR code everywhere you see fit or you can download them to a hard drive. Once they are filmed, edited, and put together they are YOURS to do whatever you want with them.

  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • New Hire Training
  • Equipment Operation
  • "Who We Are" Company Introduction
  • Promotional Events
  • Company Retreats