Your Files: Readily Available Online

11-13-19 04:07 PM Comment(s)

Environmental and Safety Files & How You Store Them...

Our firm has spoken to numerous regulators (both with EPA & OSHA) about storing files "electronically" on a computer or tablet and it is always the same answer: YES.

We cannot deny being in the 21st century and the technology that we use everyday to make our lives easier. The only caveat that we have come across are some regulators want managers to be able to print the document. Normally, regulators are targeting something that they want to see anyway (and generally it is not the whole plan for your site).

Wouldn't the ultimate idea be to send an email with the attachments? You know, save the trees and what not....

We use to make 3-ring binders that would get old and eventually fall apart, OR get lost when a plant moved, OR was scavenged to be used elsewhere.

To place things in better perspective one can compare the situation to a bank. If the computer/ATM at the bank is not working you are not going to get your money out. Thus, most companies utilize computers. So doesn't it make sense to handle this information online?

Our app also makes things easily accessible for our clients. You can locate us in the Apple or Google store, just search for: "EHS Apex".