10 Steps to A Safer Workplace

05-05-21 05:59 PM Comment(s)

Always Look for Improvement

  1. Train Employees Well - Make sure that all employees have access and complete training for their position.
  2. Reward Employees for Safe Behavior - Rewards are an easy way to encourage workplace safety.
  3. Partner with Occupational Clinicians - Physical and occupational therapists can also improve workplace ergonomics and develop human performance evaluations to help you screen candidates for physically demanding roles and aid in the return-to-work process.
  4. Use Labels and Signs - Labels and signs are a cheap way to quickly communicate important information.
  5. Keep it Clean - Messy workplaces are a breeding ground for accidents.
  6. Make Sure Employees have the Right Tools for the Job - The right tools create a better product and a safer work environment.
  7. Encourage Breaks - Take a walk and come back to what you are working on periodically.
  8. Hire Qualified Personnel - Thoroughly assess potential employees and their aptitude for a safe work place.
  9. Keep an Open Dialogue - Make it easy for employees to express their opinion on EHS matters.
  10. Have Regular Meetings on Workplace Safety - Knowledge is the best key to a safe work place and everyone needs to know the right way to do things.